Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There Is No Better Clan, Nor Ever Will There Be......

I left those "Hallowed Halls Of Ben Lomond" in June 1996 and have never returned since yesterday.   I went with my parents (who are also part of Ben Lomond's proud Alumni, my father came from the Class of  '71 and my mother came from the Class of '75) to look at the newly renovated High School.  Once we walked inside, it was so modern it was like walking into an airport.  The Old School was all one level and now we have two.  So, for those of us who bought our Elevator Passes during our Freshman Year we can use those now, I think mine has expired.  We have stairs now in the main part of the school, on the second floor there are open areas where you can look down on the main level.  Which I think is a bad idea, someone could hock a loogie on your head while you enter the school.   Do kids still do that?  My generation would, thanks to Beavis and Butthead and Wayne's World.  I think that's why they put all the administration and the Media Center on the second floor to watch those punk kids.  All through the halls there at couches and booths for kids to sit on.  Golly, when I was in school we were lucky to sit on the floor in the hallway or at our lockers.  Oh yeah, the lockers are tiny from the lockers we had.  The Scots Library is still under construction and I can't wait to see it.  I loved hanging out in the Scots Library and looking at all the old yearbooks and seeing how my parents, aunts and uncles looked like back then. 

The Cafeteria was converted into the Dance Room, which is freakin' huge.  I remember we were kind of squished in the room and we couldn't move as well dancing and making your movements as big and fluid as we wanted to without poking someone's eye out.  I think that would be so much fun to test the room out, but it was locked.  Mrs. Clifford's poor floor back then was warped and I remember cutting my feet several times, but you have to dance through the pain.  The choir room, band room and the art room are still there along with that old ticket counter.  The restrooms in that area are still there in their old dated glory.  The carpet is gone and the natural brick was been painted a nice winter white.

There still a few remnants....the hall with Auto Shop still there, but that is where the ROTC and a wood shop is sitting.  The Auditorium and Senior Hall is still there.  The Cafeteria is now on the main level and it looks like a food court.   It was really nice to go back to reminisce and look at the new stuff.  I'm sad that its not the same school I came to know and love, but I'm proud of the wonderful job the builders and the crew did to make my school nicer.  Like I said before my parents and my aunts and uncles came from BL.  My brothers are proud alumnists also.   I'm a proud alumnist coming from Ben Lomond and I'm proud to say I bleed PLAID!!!

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