Thursday, September 2, 2010

Come Together!!!

On this day back in 1995, there was a loss at Ben Lomond High School. We all lost a friend, a brother, teammate, and an acquaintance. A classmate by the name of Ryan Losee lost his life due to a motorcycle accident on 9th Street next to the High School the day he crashed was the first day of school. I’m remember that the event happened during lunch, I was sitting with my best friend Heidi were eating lunch in the Cafeteria, I heard a squeal and a crash. Heidi and I didn’t think much of it, we continued talking and we noticed a bunch of kids running out of the Cafeteria to outside. I figured it was another fight or something, after awhile Heidi and I emptied our trays and started to make our way to 9th Street to the Seminary Building. While still talking and walking we heard some sirens and not aware of what was going on, we walked out of the double doors. We noticed some people standing around looking on and Ambulances On the street was a damaged motorcycle, a dog leash and a shoe on the crosswalk to the Seminary Building. After seeing the aftermath of the event, Heidi and I walked around the debris to get to the Seminary Building. When we got into the building we overheard people talking about what happened, I remember that whole day and a week everyone talked about what happened. Personally, I knew Ryan but not that well. I knew him to be kind and generous to people around him. I remember always saying hi to me in the hall in between classes and in the classes I had with him, he was nice and polite. I never saw him insult someone for being different, I saw a few football players making fun of someone in the hall and I remember seeing him tell his teammates to stop it. I always admired him for that.

That year was our Senior Year, the theme for the year was “Come Together” and I believed that that year we all “Came Together”, I never felt to so close to my classmates. During the Pep Rallies, the song Come Together by The Beatles was played, after his passing the song had a new meaning.

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