Sunday, September 26, 2010

It was a wonderful ride......

May 23rd 2010 was a kind of a bittersweet day, like about 4 million viewers of an end of era.  I'm talking about Lost. Like, in the past blog about the show I mentioned about how I fell in love with the show.  Anyway, I watched the every lasted moment when Jack closed his eye, I couldn't think of a better way the end the series. (Spoiler Alert).  At the beginning of the series he opened his eye and it was the start of this wonderful and thrilling ride filled with twists, turns and oh, my heck moments.  This show was a journey to a more insightful and researching me.  I did everything to looking up tie-in stuff on the show, listening to awesome podcasts (Jay and Jack, LostChatter, Rethinking Lost, Germino Jacks Beard), searching on the internet and libraries for themes on the show like time travel, freaky sci-fi stuff, religions, and mythology (Greek and Egyptian).  I also read a lot of books that where mentioned in the show like The Turn of the Screw, Bad Twin (like everyone who read the book, it stunk), The Chosen, The Third Policeman, 1984, Our Mutal Friend, and many, many others in hopes to find out what the island is and the meaning of Lost.  With the tie-in stuff I visted many websites like Lostpedia (which is the Bible to any Lost Geek), Damon,Carlton and a Polar Bear (this was a neat website that you could view awesome fan art about the show),  Dark UFO (another Bible for Lost Nerds), and Lost ARG.  I have to admit I became pretty obsessed.  I went so far as getting my parents and my husband into the show and they became Lost Geeks like me. 

When the series ended I probably felt a void like every other Lost Fan and I've been trying to find that thing to fill the void.  This was a show that I looked forward to every week and had quite a ritual going during the times it was on.  It would start I would watch the episode, then read the recap on Lostpedia, listen to the podcast to hear other peoples thoughts on the show (this was to make sure what I was feeling about the episode was normal and to get more insight about things I missed, watch the DVR'd episode with my Husband, talk it over with my Husband and Parents, and continue listening to the podcasts (maybe listen to the previous ones I heard earlier.  Then around that time I was ready for the newest episode and start my routine all over again.

On September 22, 2010, I saw all these postings on Facebook from various Lost podcasters and bloggers that are pretty well known throughout the Lost Community, they talked about the date September 22, 2005 and the aniversary of the date.  That cause a whole world of thought in my nogin, I thought of the first time I saw the show, how the time I saw Michael Emerson (aka Zep on Saw) on E!'s Daily 10, I printed out the entire Wikipedia Article at work (which turned out to be about the size of War and Peace) I took that thing home and read it all that night, the time that I watched the episode "Not in Portland" and had a lot questions and I couldn't wait for next weeks episode.  I started to search the old tie-in websites to see if they were feeling the void like I am, I was right.  When Lost was on those websites were up and running and full of energy and Spoilers.  Now, they have moved on to other ventures or no longer up.

With this show, It brought on a smarter and learned me and I thank ABC for the awesome ride.

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