Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy Vintage, Batman!!!

Just last weekend after helping my in-laws with some things, I was looking in my mother-in-law's huge fabric collection and I found a cache of vintage fabric.  My mother-in-law let me take the old fabric off her hands, she told me that my father-in-law will be grateful in seeing it gone.  While waiting for dinner, I opened the rubbermaid container which was huge and there was an asssortment of fabric cut into 5 inch squares.  I started to sort through the fabric and organized them into Reds, Greens, Blues, Yellows, Purples, Pinks, etc.  While doing this I was owwing and awwing at the styles of fabric.  After working in a fabric store for so any years, I got use to the fabric designs, styles, and what's hip.  I was amazed on the funky 70's print, the psychedalic 60's design, and the antiquie 50's and 40's.  I go to fabric stores A LOT and I have never seen these types of designs.  I was ecstatic, I have always wanted to find a cache of old vintage fabric.  My Grandmother Fischer wasn't really the crafting type. My Grandmother Wilde was a crafter, but she passed on when I was 11.  While cleaning out my Grandmother Wilde's house, the family and I just threw away her fabric.   I wish we kept it, but I didn't catch the Fabric Bug until before my Senior year in High School.  Then, I stated to learn about fabric, the styles and sewing. But, I do sew, craft, and scrapbook feel the spirit of my Grandma Wilde.  When I craft with my mom and my dad watches us do our craft projects, he says that I am carrying on my Grandma's Legacy and that she is so proud that I'm keeping her crafting spirit alive. 

Here's a few pictures of my creations.

Vintage Tote Bag.

Vintage Fabric Purse.

You really can't tell that I'm proud of my creations.

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