Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Loss of my Furry Kid.

On February 17th, Grizzley went to the Big Fire Hydrant in the Sky.  He was almost 13 years old when he passed away.  He was my oldest furry child, listening ear and confidant.  He has always been there through mine and Don's life.  When Don and I were chatting on the internet before we started dating, he asked me for suggestions for naming his new dog.  I asked him for a description on how the dog looked.  He described him to me and I gave him a few name suggestions.  Grizzley was one of them.  Don and I chatted online a few months before we started dating.  He called me that following Sunday and he told that he found a name for his dog and he picked Grizzley.  When Don and I started dated he decided to have me meet his parents.  He had already met my parents and my brothers on our dates.  When I arrived at his parents' house, Grizzley barked once and I was his forever, through that whole day he was my shadow.  Don told me that of all the girls he dated and brought home to meet his family, Grizzley would growl and nip at them.  Grizzley lived with Don's parents when we got married and lived in Ogden and Tooele.  When we built our house in Stockton, he moved right in with us.  Our family was complete.  Copper came along, Don wanted a hunting dog. We found him at Sportsmen's Warehouse in Orem on the way home from a family reunion.  Copper was a big clumsy Coon Hound.  Grizzley the Alpha Dog taught him how things ran around the house.  Copper went to heaven and Grizzley was only Dog Kid.  He suffered through cats and learned to tolerate them, but the cat couldn't tolerate him. I think the day that Grizzley left the cats had a party.  Maggie, our neighbor's dog goes in our backyard looking for Grizzley.  I've seen her sit on the back porch waiting for him to come out.  So Don and I aren't the only ones that are sad by this loss.  Both families are hurt by this.  My dad lost his walking buddy, he loved taking Grizzley walking when my parents would come to Stockton to see us.  My mother-in-law lost someone to share her poppy seed muffin with in the morning, even though she hasn't shared with him in awhile.  I lost my listening ear for my rants, art and craft ideas and my thoughts.  I also lost my TV Buddy, he loved to watch Lost with me, he loved to lay on the couch with me .  Poor Don has to listen to all that now. Don lost his shadow while working in the yard.  I hope that him and Copper are getting along in heaven.  They'll both be missed and I hope to see them again.

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