Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's Harleywood????

Harley and I were driving to Salt Lake City to go the Discovery Childrens Museum at the Gateway. We were listening to Taylor Swift's White Horse, one of my favorite songs. All of a sudden he asks, "Aunt Jamie, What's Harleywood???"

I asked, "Where did you hear that?"

He replied,"The girl singing this song, she said 'This ain't Harleywood, it's a Small Town'.

Amazed that he caught on to the song, I said, "Oh, Monkey Man, she said 'This ain't Hollywood, it's a Small Town'."

He asks, "Okay, What is Hollywood?"

I answered, "It's a place in California where they make movies".

Then He asks, "Aunt Jamie, next time we have a Monkey Man and Aunt Jamie Day, Could we go to Hollywood?"

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