Sunday, August 9, 2009

And the BIG Apple Pie!!!!

My Husband Don and I where driving to Ogden to see my Parents. We were listening to the radio and Metallica's Enter Sandman came on. Don started to singing along to the song. When part of song is "Dreams of war, Dreams of lies, Dreams of Dragon's fire and the things that will bite."

I asked him "What's so scary about a Big Apple Pie? Did he have a scary dream after a big Thanksgiving Dinner?"

He laughed at me and said, "No, it's 'The things that will bite'."

I said, "Well if I take a nap after a big Thanksgiving Dinner, sometimes I dream about a Big Apple Pie Too."

Now, every time we hear the song together he sings "AND THE BIG APPLE PIE!!!"

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