Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chickens Freak Me Out!!!!!

Fried Chicken…..Great
Lemon Pepper Chicken…..Awesome!
Chicken Casserole……. YUMMMY!
Chicken Enchiladas….. Holy Cow!
Stuffed Chicken Marcela…... Mama Mia!

I love Chicken Dishes…..But seeing chickens with the beady eyes and the feathers FREAK ME OUT!!!! I think my fear others feathered creatures started when I was a kid. My parents went to Las Vegas to an Amway Rally…. any kid with parents who were selling Amway know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway, my Aunt Elaine’s daughter Julia offered to take my brothers and I for the weekend. I guess she wanted some practice for her and her husband Mike… this was before they had kids. They had Chickens in the backyard. My brother Matt and I thought is was a good idea to taunt the Chickens. We chased them around the yard…. They got sick of us annoying them so they turned around and started chasing us with wings flapping and screaming. That freaked me out and scared me. I came from Big Bad Ogden and never really been around livestock except for the County Fair where the Chickens were in cages and my Dad and I would make cracks on how funky the chicken’s hair looks.

Recently, Our household has inquired two chickens, some how they have entered in our yard and have no intention of leaving. My Yard is their All-You-Can-Eat Buffet of Grasshoppers. I don’t mind having our Neighbors bring their livestock in our yard to eat our weeds and wild grass, that means less mowing for Don and I. But, these Chickens I’m starting to call them Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (from the Wild Bunch, there’s a story about that I’ll tell at a later time). Because they steal food from our Cats, I think the Grasshopper population has rapidly declined which is great, because Grasshoppers freak me out too (Yep, there is a list of what freaks me out, but that’s a whole other posting). So once Sundance and Butch hear the pitter patter of dry catfood hit the food dish the run up to the porch and steal my cats’ food and the cats hiss and cry, the chickens still continue to steal the food. This stinks when I have to feed my cats and those two race up to the porch and I’m trying to get out of my house to go to work. As I try to leave my porch Butch and Sundance flutter and then they comeback where I’m trying to get in to my car and I have that memory of when my Brother and I are chased by Chickens. Anyway I think my next-door neighbor was laughing at me and my little situation.

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