Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life without Facebook - Day 1

Before I de-activated my profile I sent a message to my Best Friend, my Parents, my Aunts and Uncles, my In-Laws, some of my Closest Friends from way back and my ex-coworkers....gave them information on how to reach me so I'm not totally vanished from the earth. Then I clicked on the De-activate button, entered my password (I guess they wanted to make sure you are of sound mind in de-activating your profile), gave a reason why I'm de-activating for the CEO of Facebook (maybe he needs that reassurance that its you and not him on the reason why your walking away) and then I entered that code word on the screen (I swear you need the Urm and Thumum to decode it).   Then, it releases you from the world of Facebook with a little note saying your account has been de-activated (then you get this sad feeling that you made the biggest mistake of your life).  To make matters worse during the process they showed you pictures of your friends saying they miss you, I lost it when I saw the pictures of my Brothers and I from way back on my wedding day (I guess they want to give you one last guilt trip before you leave). 

Then, my Mother-in-Law sent me a message saying that Facebook won't be the same without me, I lost it again.  I called her to explain my logic to quit Facebook for a while, we joked about the good times we had on the site.  I told her that we should write down all our jokes and when I comeback we can fire them at our friends and they won't know what hit them.

On my way to work I always was thinking of something clever and cute to say on my status....yeah, know it was kind of nice not thinking of a clever status.  I just jammed out to my ipod...... listening to Maroon 5, Matchbox Twenty and Lady Gaga.  All through out my day, my mom asked me you really quit Facebook?  Then that night my Husband seemed kind of sad when I told him about my plan. 

Being a "Pill Pusher" the term my Dad likes to us when describing my occupation to people..... if your addicted to something you have to find something to replace that addiction.  My plan was I was going to use Twitter and Blogging more.

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