Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Is there life after Facebook????

I made a very hard decision….. Yes, I deactivated my Facebook Profile. I felt like I didn’t pay attention to my husband, neglected my house work and not giving my full attention to the people around me. Facebook is the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY. The GOOD - You get to reconnect with old classmates, the one that got away, and people from was back You can also share photos with family that you don’t see often. The BAD - The Games on Facebook, you find yourself playing those games in your hopes of getting a higher score than that guy who made you seat on the water fountain in your Sophmore……who’s the dork now, Jimmy! Then you stalk your ex-boyfriends / girlfriends page and look at all the photos the posted on the site of their wife and kids and think to yourself “They dumped me for that?...Man, he is a dork”. Come on admit it, we’ve all been there.
The UGLY - Seeing people posting bad comments about your friends. You put something on your status and then you have an anxiety attack wondering if someone will like your status, comment or get offended for stating you beliefs. Then asking the cheerleading captain and the student class president when you were in school to be your friend on facebook, talk anxiety and paranoia. One word - DRAMA.

I say find a new addiction....try knitting, a new skill, blogging, or maybe twitter (that's fun to see into Celebrities' heads) .

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