Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I love LOST....

I love the show Lost. How I got hooked was, I was watching E! I think it was The Daily 10. They were talking about the 3rd season of Lost. I recognized Michael Emerson who was Zep on Saw. The correspondent was introducing him as the leader of The Others. Before, I saw the Pilot of Lost and was thinking "Okay, their trying to create a serious version of Gilligan's Island." But, my interest stopped there. After seeing the report on The Daily 10. I was at work the next day, waiting for patient calls, went through wikipedia and printed out everything about Lost. Everything from the Myths, the groups of people (The Losties, The Others and Dharma Initative), the characters and their back stories, and the season sypnosis. When got home after work, I spread out all of the stuff I found about Lost and spend that night reading everything. The next night was a new episode, I felt I had enough information to catch me up. After that episode "Not in Portland" I was hooked. After that I wanted more. I thought it was crazy I never felt this way about a show. Even though, "Not in Portland" wasn't an awesome episode, it was the first episode that I was craving information about the island and the characters. After that episode, I never missed an episode.

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