Friday, August 13, 2010

I got poked and drugged, all I got was these lousy stitches.

Yesterday, I had surgery done on my right wrist.  I had a fun day of being poked by needles, heavily medicated and stitched up.  I got a sist removed on my wrist and then the Doctor tickered with my wiring in my wrist.  I started to feel like that guy on a Disney Movie in the 90's called Not Quite Human with Jay Underwood, Alan Thicke and Robin Lively.  I was pretty much awake through the whole thing, in the OR they had the radio playing during my surgery and then the doctors, nurses and anesthesiologist were singing along to the songs.  Anyway now, I'm sore and I can't use my right hand very well and my Hubby and my Mother-in-law are doing a wonderful job in taking care of me and listening to my bellyaching.  So sorry for the slow typing!

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