Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Wilde Weekend...literally!

I went to Ogden to see my parents, my brother Tom, my sister-in-law Ashley and Braxton (Goober). I was off on Friday and I decided to bug them for the weekend. My poor parents had to entertain and put up with me. Then we met up with Tom, Ashley and Goober at their house and I was bombarded by their dog Gus, he thought I was here to see him and only him. We all went to the Pita Pit, which is my new favorite place now. Saturday, I helped my parents clean their church building...I had to pay for my room and board somehow. We went to Denny's for lunch and while we were waiting for our food we got to watch a police chase in progress. After we ate, I had to leave for Stockton. I went a grabbed a Mini-Mart Diet Coke which made my trip to Ogden complete. I don't know what Mini-Mart does to their soda fountain but they taste different from anywhere else and its yummy. If you're ever in Ogden, have to stop at Mini-Mart and get a Fountain Soda (that's my plug to Mini-Mart). Anyway got home safely and I was welcomed by my "Furry Welcoming Committee" either that or they were hungry. I made a card for my Mother-in-law for her birthday and came over to her house for Birthday Hoagies. Don and I got a video and watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief....I was disappointed after reading the book. Now, I'm hanging out with my best friend, my Hubby.

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  1. Nice to find your blog. I'll try to check it.