Friday, October 22, 2010

Traveling at the Speed of Twilight.....

I decided to take another trip in the world of Twilight. While I was at my day job I had a discussion with a co-worker about the books, of course she loved them. Me, I read them once a while back at a previous job a co-worker wanted me to read the books. Well, I could only stomach the first two (Twilight and New Moon) and half of the third (Eclipse). My first Twilight experience was nauseating due to the main character Bella she has no agency and nothing in her noggin. I kept thinking if she wants to be safe she could have been dating Mike. Anyway, the amount I read the first time I was ready to gnaw off my arm.

My co-worker at my now job, I accidently left my iPod on my desk and she saw it. I was gone for a minute and she looked at the last thing I listen to, it was this podcast called Read it and Weep (awesome podcast). She came to my desk and said “Did you know that these podcasters make fun of Twilight?” I turned around and said to her “That’s why I like them,” and I asked her “How do you know about them?” She answered “My Daughter found the podcast on iTunes and she downloaded the podcast thinking they were talking the Saga, instead of talking they were trashing it.” I said “That was one of they’re best episode.” Astonished she asked “You don’t like Twilight?” “Yes” I told her. Then she asked “Have you read the books?” “Yes” I replied. “Well, I didn’t like it the first time I read it too, but I read it the second time and now I’m in love with series,” she said with glee, “You should read it again.” Well now it became my personal challenge to read the Saga and see how far I can go without hurling. I came up with a plan to complete my challenge.
1- I decided to get the audiobook versions of the Saga so I can do mindless tasks like driving, sleeping, and cleaning the house.
2- If I got to the point of nauseousness I would listen to Read It and Weep to get myself back to normal.

With my plan, I suffered through the third book, which I take as a HUGE accomplishment. So I tip my hat to the guys of Read It and Weep, because without them I wouldn’t have completed my goal. With them I also read the tie-in novel The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner. Now, I’m struggling with the decision to read the fourth book New Dawn. But, I have to admit I kind of interested in New Dawn and about how Jacob imprints on Bella’s Daughter (spoiler alert - Thanks to Wikipedia).

While listening to the books in the car I found myself telling Bella to, SHUT UP!!! Rolling my eyes when Edward professes his love and holding her hostage. Cheering Charlie and Jacob when saying what they think about this strange coupling. If you’re wondering I’m for TEAM JACOB! Jacob and Charlie both became my favorite characters in the Saga. Jacob, he’s just freaking hot, caring and funny (the perfect guy!). Charlie, I loved his fathering instinct and hated Edward. The Cullens are rich and perfect, to me they seemed better than Bella and Edward seemed to have better things than her (I’ve dated a guy just like that, yuck). When she chose Edward, she looks to be an underground gold-digger. I was sad for Jacob, when she told him that she loves him, but she loves the “Bloodsucker” more and when he received the wedding announcement, then angrily ran out the house changed into a Wolf and just ran into the forest.

But, there was a few good things about the Saga like no swearing (which is rare in books, yeah there was a few choice words like Hell, Damn it, and Pissed), the Author used big words in her writing (some words that I didn’t know, I have to actually look up) and it’s kind of a bonding thing with girls and their parents (I have witnessed this in my community) and it girls young girls to love reading (when I was a teen I was into R.L. Stine’s Fear Street and Lois Duncan Books).

One huge thing that I didn’t like was how she never listened to her father’s council and always did what she wanted. Me, I’m big when it comes to listen to your parents’ council, they’ve been there and they know what’s out there. I grew very irritated when she won’t listen to her Father. To me it sounds like the author is telling girls to not listen to they’re parents’ council and do what ever you what. The author is Mormon and the church teaches us to listen to our parent’s council (sorry for the rant). Because I listened to my parents, I have a wonderful husband how loves and supports me in anything I do. He lets me be free to be who I am and what I want to be. We got married in the temple, which is what I wanted in the first place. My brothers also listened to my parent’s council they served missions and married wonderful women who lets them be who they are. My advice is to listen to parents’ council, they know.

Anyways, this was my rant about the Saga. I’m not ranting because it’s a vampire romance. I love stories about Vampires, but the vampires in the Saga are dumb and stupid. I love stories about the mythical creatures we know at Halloween like the Werewolf, Witches, and Monsters. But to me it wasn’t a very good Vampire story, the best parts was about the Werewolfs!

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