Sunday, October 24, 2010

Who am I???

I am a ¼ Czechoslovakian with mixtures of Scottish, Welsh, English, Danish, and German.

I am a daughter of the two greatest artists of all time.

I am a sister for three brothers; the sports fan, the cowboy, and the mechanic.

I come from a long line on blue-collar workers.

I have a tough job as a Firefighter’s Wife.

I am the Cool Aunt.

I am quiet, but once I get to know you I yak your ear off.

I am my Mother-in-Law’s craft buddy, listening ear, confidant, and partner in crime.

I am my father’s helper.

I am one my mother’s Best Friends.

I am a Daughter of God.

I am a world of knowledge or at least that’s what my husband says.

I am an animal lover, except for snakes, lizards, or creepy crawly things.

I have the same color of hair I was born with.

I am a Blogger.

I am a trivia genius according to my husband.

I am Namie to Gavyn and Jamie (not Aunt Jamie) to Harley.

I am a teacher to 4 and 5 year olds on Sundays.

I am an Average, Everyday, Sane Psycho, Super Goddess.

I am the only Niece on my father’s side.

I consider it to be an Awesome Day when I get to talk to all three of my brothers via email and text.

When a song from my past comes on I have to sit, listen and remember that memory when I heard that song.

I spent a small time of my childhood in Wichita, KS.

I love my family whether they are in Arizona, Ogden, Wyoming, Oregon, Colorado and California.

My Best Friend Heidi was one of the people who made me who I am today.

I am proud of my background and my last name (maiden and married).

I am Me!!

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